VIII Questions and Answers About the Inside Story of the Bible—–Question 4

For the verse you just mentioned, you think that we are adding to the Bible. So, let’s have a discussion about this issue. Brothers and sisters, at that time what John said was that if any man shall add to this “prophecy,” but not if any man shall add to the “Bible.” Besides, when John said this, the New Testament didn’t exist. The New Testament came into being after 300 A.D. Revelation was recorded about 90 A.D. after John saw the vision on the island of Patmos. …


How Are the Prophecies of the Blood Moon in the Bible Fulfilled?

In the United States, at the night of 23th August 2016, Jennifer, an amateur photographer, captured several images of a giant blood moon in New York City. In the picture, the moon was darkly red just like Mars, and against the night of Manhattan it looked extremely huge, almost covering the whole sky. Jennifer also posted the pictures in her camera to prove that they hadn’t been photoshopped. These photographs, after being uploaded to the Facebook, immediately stirred up a public discussion.


Classic Questions and Answers on the Gospel of the Kingdom Selections

Let’s see whether we can really know the Lord according to the Bible. This question is answered in Almighty God’s word. Almighty God tells us, “The Jews of the time all read from the Old Testament and knew of Isaiah’s prophecy that a male infant would be born in a manger. Why then, with this knowledge, did they still persecute Jesus? Is this not because of their rebellious nature and ignorance of the work of the Holy Spirit? …


Are You Someone Who Obtains Eternal Life?

Now is the end of the last days when the prophecies of the Lord Jesus’ return have all come true, and we expect to be taken into God’s kingdom and obtain eternal life more eagerly, because the Lord Jesus once said, “He that believes on the Son has everlasting life: and he that believes not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God stays on him” (John 3:36). All these years we have been repenting our sins ….


Where Is the Kingdom of Heaven?

One day on my return flight to America, I felt bored, so I opened the Bible to read. A lady next to me asked, “Are you a believer in the Lord?” I said, “Yes. All four generations of my family are believers in the Lord. Do you also believe in the Lord?” She replied, “Right!” “What a coincidence!” I said, “Thanks be to the Lord!” Learning that she also believed in the Lord Jesus, I was very glad. Then we launched into a talk about the condition of the churches. …

Questions and Answers About the Inside Story of the Bible—–Question 2

What the Bible records is limited. The Old Testament only records the work of Jehovah God, and the New Testament only records the work of the Lord Jesus. The Bible only prophesies God’s work in the last days, but doesn’t record the details, because in the last days God does the work of judgment, which is a new work outside the Bible. God is the expresser of the truth, and even more is the Ruler of all things. …

VIII Questions and Answers About the Inside Story of the Bible—–Question 1

Does the saying “outside the Bible there is no God’s word and any belief beyond the Bible is a heresy,” accord with the fact or not? All those who are familiar with the Bible know that in the compilation of the Bible, because of the compilers’ disagreement and omission, some of God’s words conveyed through the prophets were not included in the Old Testament. This is a generally acknowledged fact. …